Socialiniame tinkle „Facebook“ pasklido „Landsbergistų“ atstovės Europarlamentarės Rasos Juknevičienės vaizdo kreipimasis į visuomenę apie skiepus. Ji kaip pediatrė sako, kad reikia ir būtina skiepytis ir laukia kada bus išrasta vakcina nuo COVID-19.

„Mei neim is rasa. I live in vilnius. Im 96 years old. Im doctor. Antivaxers are idiots. Go vazzinate your self with HEAVY METALS, FORLMALDEHIDE, RETRO VIRUSES, HUMAN DNA, VARIOUS ANIMAL DNA, CHEMICALS THAT IS USED IN LETHAL INJECTION, ANTIFREEZE AND MUCH MORE VERY HEALTHYY INGRIENDIENTS. MULTIPLE TIMES! ITS VERY SAFE AND VERY EFEKTIVE. Go Go Go Go. Oh by the way, antivaxers are EVIL. Dont listen to them. I have no proove that vaccines work and are safe, but THEY told me that its VERY SAFE. So safe that USA vaccine court has paid$ for vaccine injured people. And vazzines dont couse autism… oh sorry its was debunked by the COURT THAT IT CAN COUSE AUTISM.“

BV inf.

Patiko? Pasidalinkite!